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Cashless ATM

A Cashless ATM is designed to work with your client’s PIN Based Credit, Debit and ATM Cards. This gives them access to their cash and allows them to spend more in your dispensary. This solution is an in-store terminal that runs on the ATM rails.

This is not key-by-merchant, e-commerce, nor a mobile solution. This is only for card-present situations.

We charge a convenience fee that the cardholder pays. This fee pays the processing costs incurred so there are no fees to you. This is just like the surcharges you see on ATMs in hotels, gas stations, etc. Some banks do charge an additional “out of network” ATM fee but there’s no comprehensive list of the banks who do so, that would be up to the cardholder to know.

Cashless ATM equipment is similar to standard credit card terminals. The difference is the terminal is loaded with a custom software program that runs the transactions on ATM Networks.

The equipment provided is a VX 510 or 570 (depending on what is available in supply), and a Verifone 1000SE external PIN pad. We send the terminal programmed and ready to be used. The terminal works like an ATM Machine without having to handle cash. Funds will be directly deposited from the client’s bank account to the account of your choosing.

There is no approval process. This is a cash transaction, so you WILL be approved for this service.

There are:

  • NO Cancellation fees
  • NO Risk
  • NO Processing fees

How is this different from a traditional ATM?

No cash to load

This reduces theft and liability. Traditional ATMs require the merchant to load thousands of dollars in cash themselves or to contract an expensive cash replenishment service (such as Wells Fargo). Our solution prints a cash voucher on thermal paper that can be replenished easily and can be purchased at any Office Depot or similar store.

No Cancellation Fees

You can cancel the service at any time with no penalty.

Credit Card Acceptance

Many credit cards have a Cash Advance feature (where a PIN is required). For your return customers, you can ask them to inquire about that with their Bank so they can use it on future visits.

What is the Value of this service to my business?

Just think how much money your dispensary is losing because your clients don’t have cash-on-hand. Now your dispensary can present a PIN-based payment option without paying those enormous processing fees, ultimately increasing foot traffic, higher average transaction size, and increase your number of sales.


The transaction must be run at an increment of $1. For instance if the customer’s ticket comes to $49.50, the merchant would key in $50 to the terminal, and give $0.50 change in cash to the customer. The customer would see $53.50 on their bank account (and perhaps that additional charge from their bank referenced above). **The terminal will not show an error when a non-$1 increment (exact amount) is entered but it may flag so please be sure all staff is trained to only key in $1 increments, and not allow the customer to key the amount in**

The max ticket that can be run is $500, which is set by the processor. But it’s also dependent on the customer’s daily ATM limit. If a customer’s max daily ATM withdrawal limit is, say, $1,000 and they already withdrew $800 that day, then they would only be able to run $200 with the merchant.

We are pleased to be assisting you in your success.

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